• Datum: za 14/11/2020
  • Open: 14:45 uur
  • Aanvang: 15:15 uur
  • VVK: € 5,-

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zaterdag 14/11

Le Guess Who? ON/OFF zaterdag

Een coronaproof on- en offline editie van Le Guess Who?

Op 14 & 15 november 2020 presenteert Le Guess Who? ON/OFF, een hybride evenement bestaande uit een online televisiekanaal en een liveprogramma in Utrecht, geheel in het teken van Nederlandse acts op vertrouwde én nieuwe locaties door de hele stad.

LGW OFF voert bezoekers, geheel coronaproof en volgens alle geldende maatregelen, langs bekend én onbekend LGW-terrein. Op 18 verschillende locaties in Utrecht, waaronder De Helling, vinden concerten, filmvertoningen, luistersessies en andere performances plaats.

Programma Zaterdag 14 november

‘Doodswens’ is the Dutch word for ‘death wish’, which describes this Eindhoven-based duo to a tee. Where some black metal bands explore conceptual subject matter or philosophies through the genre’s lens, Doodswens embrace a more personal, cathartic angle. Their expressive, erratic take on black metal naturally positioned them as innovators.

Turia strip black metal from its arcane embellishments to something more primal and guttural. As heavy and intense as music of this nature is, this Dutch band ultimately sounds like an awesome force of nature, arranging their music with beautiful atmospherics and compelling soundscapes. Truly a unique phenomenon.

Plague Organ
The music of Plague Organ inspires superlatives of a particularly brutal nature. This mutating self- reproducing entity assimilates the qualities of metal, noise, free-jazz, and experimental rock. Often-times, Plague Organ surpasses the threshold of sheer heaviness to sound almost hypnotic. Unsurprisingly, René Aquarius (Dead Neanderthals) and Marlon Wolterink (White Noise studio) are the architects behind this operation. LGW OFF will mark Plague Organ’s first show.

Radar Men From The Moon
Throughout their existence, Eindhoven’s requisite psych lords Radar Men From The Moon have embraced constant change and reinvention. Their records evolve like organisms being born, cocooned and then reborn into something completely new. RMFDM initially made waves as a more electronic, motorik-driven band, ventured into the realms of minimalism and psychedelic rock, and now, in their most recent incarnation, plunged into the depths of experimental metal.

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